SmartForce is an effective system of arrest control and defensive tactics techniques. SmartForce techniques are unique in that they are “gross motor skill” oriented, easily learned and easily retained. SmartForce techniques have been taught to hundreds of
law enforcement and jail officers in the United States and have been adapted to defensive tactics programs at various criminal justice academies in Virginia and by the United States Air Force.

The SmartForce System was founded and developed by Mr. In Ki Kim, owner and operator of Defensive Tactics USA and the American Tukong Martial Arts Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. Mr. Kim is a formerSouth Korean Army Special Forces soldier, longtime martial arts expert and is certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) as a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor.

The program coordinator and assistant lead instructor, Captain Rod Davis (retired), is a career law enforcement officer, longtime martial artist and DCJS certified Defensive Tactics instructor since 1986.


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